Nov 2007–Nov 2009 Apoyo a las vitimas de minas antipersona en Kratie
 Jan 2008–Dec 2008 Social and Economic Re-integration for Landmine Victims, Oddar Meanchey
British Embassy to Cambodia
 1996–1997 Pursat Vocational Training Centre
Canada-Cambodia Development Programme
 Apr–Jul 2003 Literacy Project for Disabled People
 Jul–Nov 1997 Admin & school renovation, Pursat Vocational Training Centre
 May 2007 Dormitory, Kampong Thom Vocational Training Centre
Canada Fund (Embassy to Phnom Penh)
 Mar 2004–Mar 2005 CWARS Bamboo Project
Canada International Development Agency (CIDA) - OXFAM Quebeque Canada
 Apr 2004–Mar 2007 Cambodian Landmine Survivors Vocational Training, Pursat
Canadian Embassy to Cambodia
 May 2002–Oct 2002 Food Security and Income Generation, Oddar Meanchey
 1995-1996 CWARS Administration
College de Belogne - Montreal
 1996–1999 CWARS Administration
EU Spain
 Mar 2008–Aug 2010 Integration socio-economica de victimas de minas antipersona, Oddar Meanchey-Pailin, Camboya
 Jan 2004–Dec 2004 Food Security Project in Anlong Veng, Siem Reap (fish-raising)
Health Position for Global Survival, Montreal
 1995–1996 CWARS Administration
Kadoorie Charitable Foundation
Jan 2012-Jan 2014

After the Flood project

Oct-Nov 2011

Emergency flood relief in NW provinces (4 grants)

 Jan 2010–Jan 2013

Laos Vocational Training Centre

 Jun 2005–Sep 2010 Banteay Meanchey Vocational Training Centre
 Nov 2002–Oct 2006 Kratie Vocational Training Centre
 Aug 2001–Aug 2006 Kampong Thom Vocational Training Centre
 Nov 2004–Nov 2005 Economic Integration for Disabled People in Remote Areas (EIDRA)
 Oct 2004–Oct 2005 Buffalo Bank
 May 2002–May 2005 Prosthetic Upgrading, Kampong Thom
 Nov 2003–Mar 2004 Construction of Prey Veng School
 Nov 2006–Oct 2007 Stone Carving of Artifacts Training (SCAT), Siem Reap
Oung Sophorn
 Jun 2001–Jun 2005 Vocational Training of Landmine Victims, Kampong Thom
Terre des Hommes-Germany
 Dec 2004–Jan 2007 Credit Program for Disabled, Pursat & Kampong Thom
 Apr 2000–Apr 2003 Children's Education Support Through Literacy program, Veal Veng & Pursat
 Jan 2000–Dec 2002 Food Security Project: Support Through Agricultural Activities, Veal Veng
 Aug 2002–Oct 2002 Emergency Drought Aid, Pursat
Terre des Hommes - Netherlands
 Jan 2005–Dec 2005 Income Generation for Disabled People, Kampong Thom & Preah Vihear
 Jan 2004–Dec 2004 Vocational Training for Disabled People, Pursat & Battambang
Apr-Jun 2012 Agricultural machinery operation & maintenance training, Pursat
Jul-Sep 2012 Agricultural machinery operation & maintenance training, Pursat, Battambang, Kampong Thom